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About Form 1120-POL

Form 1120-POL, US Income Tax Return for Certain Political Organizations, is an IRS form filed yearly by political organizations and certain tax-exempt organizations. Typically, those who file Form 1120-POL are political organizations with taxable income remaining after taking the $100 special deduction for the taxable year. Form 1120-POL is usually filed along with Schedule D and may require additional attachments and schedules as is applicable to the organization filing.

When to File Form 1120-POL

Form 1120-POL should be filed the 15th day of the fourth month following the organization's tax year end date. For organizations that follow a calendar tax year (January 1 through December 31), this deadline is April 15 each year. Failing to file Form 1120-POL when required or filing late can result in incurring penalties from the IRS. Organizations that fail to file are required to pay an additional fine equal to 5% of the tax due for each month the return is late, with a maximum of 25% of the total tax due. Form 1120-POL returns that are filed more than 60 days late will pay the remaining tax due or $135, whichever is smaller.

The Advantages of Filing Form 1120-POL Online

If you're filing more than 250 1120-POL Forms as part of one return, the IRS requires you e-file your forms. But even if you only have one form to file, it's actually more beneficial to file Form 1120-POL online rather than paper. E-filing is a faster and more secure process than paper filing since your form can be filled out and submitted directly to the IRS within minutes.

Why You Should E-file Form 1120-POL with

These exclusive features make filing Form 1120-POL with easier than anywhere else:

IRS-Authorized is owned and run by the #1 IRS-authorized e-filing online software company. When you e-file with us, you can be sure your information is filed safely and securely with the IRS.

Interview Style Process

We simplify completing Form 1120-POL for filing by breaking the form down in an easy-to-follow, interview-style process. Simply answer a few questions regarding your organization and its finances and we'll generate a completed Form 1120-POL for you to e-file.

Internal Error Checks

Before you e-file your Form 1120-POL with the IRS, our system puts your form through a series of error checks. This ensures your form is e-filed correctly with the IRS and free of any obvious errors.

US Based Support

If you run into any issues or have questions when you're e-filing Form 1120-POL, you can contact our friendly, US-based support team for help! We're available by phone, live chat, and email to assist you with anything you need to e-file Form 1120-POL.

What's Needed to File Form 1120-POL Online

To file Form 1120-POL online, you'll need a bit of information on the organization for which you're filing the return. You'll need basic filing information including the organization's name, EIN, and address. You'll also be required to supply detailed information regarding the income, deductions, and taxes applicable to the organization in order to file Form 1120-POL online. Form 1120-POL must also be signed by an officer of the organization before e-filing it with the IRS.

How to E-file Form 1120-POL with

The process to e-file Form 1120-POL with is a very simple one! You can complete and e-file your 1120-POL Form in 5 easy steps:

Create Your Account

Enter your email address, password, and some basic identifying information to create your free account with From here, you can login to get started filing.

Enter Organization Information

Here, you'll enter your basic organization information needed to file Form 1120-POL. This information includes your organization name, EIN, and address. This information must match what's on the IRS's records.

Start a New Form

From your Dashboard, select the Start New Form option. Then, click Form 1120-POL to begin entering information to e-file your Form 1120-POL.

Complete Our Interview Process

Rather than fill out your form line by line, complete our simplified, interview-style process to enter information and complete your Form 1120-POL. Once you've finished, you can review your form to ensure everything looks correct.

Pay & Transmit

Once you've confirmed that everything looks good to go on your Form 1120-POL, all that's left to do is to pay our one-time transmittal fee and e-file your Form 1120-POL directly with the IRS!

Form 1120-POL E-filing Pricing

Because is part of a team of IRS-authorized e-filing products, we're able to offer e-filing Form 1120-POL at a very competitive rate! There are no start-up costs or monthly fees to worry about either: at, you'll only pay when you e-file your form to the IRS. To complete and e-file Form 1120-POL with, you'll only pay a one-time transmittal fee of $49.90.

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